2019 – An exciting year ahead

As we return back to our desks following the festive break, we look forward to an exciting year ahead. Be it Hard / Soft / No Brexit London is Open and early signs are that firms are not shying away from investing in human capital.

There are challenges ahead for the Financial Services employment market in London with large bulge bracket banks cutting staff across risk, sales and trading the transfer of staff is slowly occurring to smaller boutique firms across the technology sector who are backed by capital founded in the emerging markets.

At Marlin we have seen a distinct rise in tech firms that are at 2nd round funding stage who are now looking to hire developers or senior financial services staff. These firms are now mature and pose a credible alternative for candidates who have spent a career in the traditional Investment Banking space.

Terms like “globalisation”, “juniorisation” and “electronisation” are now more and more common in the financial services space.  

This year, Marlin will be opening our new Dubai Office which will be the hub for our Indian and Asian client base… exciting times…