Activity; one of the paths to work place wellbeing

It has been a week since we launched our online survey and thanks to everyone who has filled in the survey so far! If you haven’t already submitted your responses, go ahead and contribute. Remember it’s anonymous and will take a few minutes only.


We are endorsing the activities of MIND , the mental health charity and tying in their research completed with the survey results. In this blog we are looking at the role of keeping active in order to keep things in perspective. Our results show that forty percent of respondents participate in five thirty minute sessions of activity each week. In second place twenty-five percent of respondents are active for one hour, being two sessions of exercise weekly.

These results are in line with one of the five ways to well being advocated by MIND. Being active assists in combating depression and anxiety. The activity could be walking, getting out for lunch or tidying the house. Of course if the word activity evokes donning a pair of trainers and pounding the streets to or from work for example then that is great too! A recognised benefit of keeping active could even be slowing age related cognitive decline. That seems like a decent incentive!

We are also recommended to get involved in work based activities on a regular basis for example a football or handball league. Hopefully this brief note will inspire an increase in increasing activity in and around the workplace.  We look forward to bringing you more insights in the weeks to come!

This way for Connection; step two for work place wellbeing

And Sleep! Time to break out your A Game!