Are We Losing Human Interaction?

In world where social media and technology is the governing body in communication, are we losing sight of the bigger picture and devaluing the importance of human interaction?

Having recently entered the world of recruitment it has become very apparent how important the human interaction aspect is in the hiring process.

Communication is imperative as recruitment is a people business. There is a certain degree of human interaction and communication that is expected in order to fully vet a candidate for a client, but also to ensure that you have built rapport with a prospective candidate and have created a positive experience for them showing them empathy.

Vetting a candidate beforehand empowers us to establish if a candidate is the correct caliber to send to our client. This allows us to gain our clients trust by showing them we only send candidates that are not only good on paper, but also in person. This is also beneficial for the candidate as they are more likely to stay in contact with us giving us potential referrals as well as keeping us informed of changes in the market.

Working at Marlin Selection has highlighted the importance of building and maintaining relationships with candidates. Once a candidate has been placed in a role, we don’t just forget about them, we follow up their progress and make sure they have achieved job satisfaction in their new roles, thus being there for them at each step of the recruitment and hiring process.


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