Are you sitting at the desk too long?

Research shows that one in four British workers sit at their desks for 9 hours a day, a level which has been associated to raising the risk of serious health problems including diabetes and cancer.

Many of us are found guilty of sitting at our desks all day, including during our lunch hour which should be treated as a time to switch off away from our desks. It is important to make sure that we at least get the recommended amount of moderate exercise, an average of 20mins per day which can make a significant difference to our health in the long term.

From conversations I have had with candidates and clients, it appears that firms in the City are already getting ahead, with some offering standing desk options which can be adjusted at a press of a button. Other companies are offering yoga classes or lunch time running clubs, which are all great ideas to promote fitness in the office and improve health of their employees.

In our office it is encouraged to take a break away from our desks during our lunch hour and to walk to our meetings when possible.

What ideas have been implemented at your workplace to increase health benefits?

If you have any questions or would like to take a break and discuss in more detail, please feel free to get in touch.