With all the expansions happening at Marlin Selection and the acquisition of HD search, I have recently moved across to the commercial side of the business.

Initially, I had started my role at Marlin as part of the ops, risk and finance team, where it was more structured – meaning, there were job descriptions, job ads, salary brackets and portals. Typically generating a larger pool of candidates for the roles.

Now, having moved to the commercial side, things are a lot more up in the air. What does this mean? For starters, there is no job description, just a brief that the client has given. Everything is based off communication and experience. This role is far more focussed on building relationships, building rapport – it’s a lot more personal and requires a lot more time speaking to a much smaller pool of candidates.

With this new position, it is quintessentially a head-hunting role. Less potential candidates are not coming to you, looking for a new role, instead it is my job to try and build a narrative and take them out of their role.

Two weeks in and I can say it is a lot more demanding and intense – overall, however it is a lot more fun and it means that I am spending more time getting to know few candidates for a longer time.