Recruitment for Financial Services

At Marlin Selection our objective is to bridge the gap between client need and agency delivery. Your needs as a client can be met through our approach to consultancy. This is achieved through harnessing our industry experience so we quickly relate to your business providing the necessary mix through our candidate database and vetting function.

We strive to understand the nuances of the market and the specific requirements of your roles; by speaking with candidates and listening to your needs. Through this ongoing process our aim is presenting qualified candidates, matching your needs.

We have a focussed and quality driven approach which is reflected in our long term client relationships. Working with a small number of clients enabling in depth solutions and insight. It is this ethos we aim to demonstrate to new clients. When engaging with clients, we aim to deliver what is achievable and reasonable in order that expectations are met.

In the ever changing recruitment environment we invest in developing our consultants and adapting to new practices, whilst maintaining our tried and tested methods, we believe face to face meetings win over.

For further details on how we can meet your advisory need please get in touch as follows:

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