Connection; step two for work place wellbeing

Many thanks to everyone so far who has taken our survey! It is helpful to gain actual insights which contribute to this article series. As you know we are endorsing the activities of MIND, the mental health charity. We can draw parallels between our survey data and the charity research results.

Last time we covered Activity as a step to work place wellbeing. Today we focus on Connection, 29% of office staff think that being able to talk things through is an important part of work place wellbeing. opinions from the survey indicate a need for encouragement of connection between staff and Management or HR.







Expressing oneself with a colleague is a positive step to feeling better through connection. But often there may need to be steps taken at a higher level to alleviate a situation. Depending on the nature of the business, an open culture of Connection may not be present in the office. There are many models which could be used to change this, however first off, awareness to management would need to be raised.

There may not be an open culture inviting employees to come forward and discuss any concerns. Also, it is not in everyone’s disposition to speak up if they need to. This is problematic as they are more likely to require more work place wellbeing. The sentiment is that there should be opportunities to communicate what is on your mind, perhaps in a forum situation or by scheduling to speak with a dedicated team.

If you would like to learn more on this topic then do visit MIND you can explore the site and bring inspiration to work!  As you know the survey is still live so If you haven’t completed it,  here is your chance!

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And  Sleep! Time to break out your A game!