Demystifying Programming Languages

If you are looking for a new role hopefully the below will explain in layman’s terms the differences and benefits of some of the most requested programming languages:

VBA: Basically a language used to program excel. This is quite common in small trading houses as a lot of the data is excel based.

Matlab: This is the basic language that most people would learn whilst at University. It is off the shelf and there are no add-ons (ie no separate coding libraries).

R: This is an open source code. It is free and all coding is shared in data libraries. The fact that it is readily available would make some companies shy away from it as they wouldn’t want competitors to see trading strategies etc.

Python: This is the code of choice (in my humble opinion). You can do a lot more with it and build that much better tools. So for example several trading companies are intending to move away from VBA to Python.

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