Do teenagers really know what jobs are out there in the finance sector?

I remember when I was at school, every Friday we had a careers lesson when people from the legal, political, medical and banking professions would come and tell us how wonderful their jobs were and give us an insight into a potential career.  

ThGGe bankers who spoke were always the ones with pin striped suits and slick back hair earning telephone number salaries.

In my opinion, the Financial Sector has always had a stigma attached to it whereby the “outside” world see bankers as greedy people who make huge amount of money for very little work! 99% of the time this is not the case as banks are made up of so many different functions which join together to service their clients.

I often get asked by junior candidates “I didn’t know a brokerage firm existed” or “If I had known a bank had a sales desk I would have taken business studies as a University Degree”

In an ever changing learning environment where our children have access to IPads / PC’s from an early age and are learning faster, an insight into our banking industry is crucial for their development and also to attract the right talent from an early age.

In the recruitment industry we often hold “milk rounds” or visit Universities to sign up the best candidates before they enter the job market themselves. However, if this process started at college or 6th Form stage we may be able to nurture and identify the talent early enough so when the time is right, populate the Financial Sector with the right skillset.