Dubai – Boom or Bust

As we continue to expand our search firm I  felt it appropriate to share my experience on a recent trip to Dubai. 

My mission was 3 pronged, to meet our existing clients, meet new client’s and generally get a feel for a place that houses over 9.2 million people, of which 90% are expat!

I found Dubai has many communities with the elite living in Emirates Hills or The Palm to my driver, who was travelling in from Fujairah where rent is manageable.

The property market appears to be extremely volatile with on average a 30% drop in the last few weeks alone!

One crucial aspect about life in Dubai is you have to be connected to the right people and know the procedure when dealing with government department s or menial tasks like changing phone provider or rent payment s can be very arduous!

Generally speaking living in Dubai is a 5-10 year trade. Work, earn tax free income, return to your country of origin and buy a property out right. Some families have settled there as if you reach a certain income level, Dubai has everything to offer, from schooling to domestic staff to some of the best nightlife I have experienced. 

I believe it has changed from 10 years ago but the fact remains, that in relative terms, Dubai offers a standard of living, in my view, that is hard to rival anywhere else on the planet. 

As Marlin Selection expands post Brexit, Dubai will serve as a hub for our Middle East and Far East clients. 

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