Exams – Unsure what to do next?

A debate that seems to be common amongst people lately is whether education or work experience is more valuable when securing a new role. We have those that didn’t go to university believing that gaining experience is the way forward and those that attended university believing that the only way to get onto the career ladder is with a degree. Neither party should look down on the other for choosing their path.

A lot of people are currently finishing off their exams and are exploring their options of what to do after school and the amount of people choosing to attend university in the UK is soaring. However, this is not the case throughout Europe, Germany for example have established a strong apprenticeship scheme for school leavers that caters for about 60% of the country’s young people. They are finding that even school ‘high flyers’ are choosing to do an apprenticeship rather than attend university.

Having said that we have had a number of roles come up recently that are looking for school leavers, so do get in touch if yourself or someone you know is thinking of not attending university. We have some incredible opportunities for those who are looking to kick start their career in the city.