Flexibility Works

This time last year, as we were all preparing for the onset of summer, none of us could have imagined the situation we are in now but we have adapted to the restrictions and are, in some cases, thriving. The friends we never get the chance to see are now regulars at Houseparty, the online PE classes and Hiit sessions are part of everyday conversations and the pub quiz is once again a favourite past time (with or without the beer) and not just an excuse to go to the pub on a Tuesday.

For those still working, the home office will likely be anything from a replica of the desk set up in the office to a laptop on the kitchen table or in the garden. How we do it doesn’t matter, what does is that we are making it work and in amongst all of the evident uncertainty we have been presented with a unique opportunity to consider how we continue to work together in the future, long after lockdown has been lifted.

We now have the technology to enable teams, large and small, from across the world to engage effectively with one another so will it really be necessary for us all to return, via a commute on over-crowded public transport to an office every day? Flexible working, often seen as a perk to prospective employees has the potential to become a widespread norm as we challenge those who have historically been reluctant to do it based on the worry that it won’t work. It does.

The team from Marlin Selection is working hard from various home offices across London, supporting its clients who are working in the same way across the globe. If you would like to talk to us about the roles we are currently working on we are all available via Zoom, Whatsapp or even on the phone and on a Friday evening you can join us for a pub quiz!