From Bank to Family Office: Working in the Alternative Space

family-officeOver the last few years a common question I get asked from candidates is “If you come across a buy side execution trading role, don’t even ask, just put me forward”

I found that buy side trading roles were so scarce and even when Portfolio Managers were looking to hire a trader they would use their own network rather than engage with a search firm.

This got me thinking. I started to approach my links in the family office space and found that organisations that grew out of a family business in this or previous generations were very sophisticated wealth and Investment Managers. We started originating trading roles in this space but it was more about matching the personality of the owner of the FO to the personality or trading style of the trader, the CV didn’t really come into play!

At a recent event I asked an accountant, who was overseeing around $500m for an Indian Family Office, how he was going about getting the best returns for his clients, he simply said, “I look at property and buy what’s out there!” to which I replied “You need an Investment Director, Risk Manager and Trader”

With ever increasing regulation restrictions, the banking industry is going through a restructure post brexit and now the private equity and family office spaces are proving to be a great alternative option for candidates who want to have a stable financial services career which the Investment Banking Industry used to offer 10 years ago.

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