Future jobs for tomorrows graduates

Research suggests that by 2030 near 400 thousand jobs in finance could be lost as technology and AI are on the rise – a prediction by Opimas (research consultancy). Between January and May this year around 35% of roles posted by banks across Europe and the US, along with asset managers were for tech and data positions. Thus, seeing a huge rise in the demand for candidates with finance and technical skills such as computer programming.

Softs skills will however always be essential, as you still need people to interact with clients and to make investment decisions. Companies are now looking for candidates who can both ‘calculate and communicate risks’ something which a machine cannot do alone.

From a recruitment perspective to those undergoing degrees in finance or alike should perhaps consider learning computer programming skills such as Python, VBA or R to increase your chances of being hired post-graduation given the current high demand for these in the market.