Green Shoots of Recovery

Slowly but surely the UK economy is beginning the journey back to a ‘new normal’. The City is open although most City Slickers are now happy trading/broking from home and going into London for team meetings, employers are keen to get the team spirit back.

On one side we see Bulge Bracket Investment Banks announcing layoffs and restructures on the other we see the Fin Tech space is booming, with Jeff Bezos adding another $13bn dollars to his net worth in 1 day and Jack Ma taking his ANT telecoms business public in a potential IPO worth over $200bn, the sector is hurtling forward and gaining momentum day by day.

For over 10 years we at Marlin have developed a diverse range of clients from Family Offices and Fin Tech Firms to Commodity Trading Houses and Banks. This diversity has helped us navigate through what has been one of the most challenging times of the modern era. We are looking to grow and bring in new colleagues who will join our eco system and develop their own careers.

If you are interested in speaking to us please call or send your details across.