How to get back into the market after a career break

Getting back into the market after a career break can be challenging, however the way you approach it can make all the difference. We often find candidates trying to rush back into a new role in hope to re-start their careers. However, the best approach is to research the market and be tactical in your approach.

Firstly, its important to research the market and industry of interest; often candidates fail to realise that market trends change over the duration of their career break as technology and processes evolve. Thus, by analysing the market you can see where you need to freshen up on your skills.

Once you have done your research, it’s time to work on your CV. It is important to state that you took a career break along with the reasoning for it. This allows recruiters to justify your career break to potential clients allowing them to represent you in a better light.

It’s also a great idea to call up recruiters/firms after applying to confirm your interest, employers want you to demonstrate that you are willing and keen to re-start your career. If gaps in employment are justified, then they shouldn’t be a problem; and it’s much easier to explain this over the phone or face-to face.

If you are looking to get back into the job market, get in touch with a member of our team!