How to keep your interview technique cool in the heat

The weather. What to say about it that hasn’t already been said. In Britain the weather is always a point of contention, but, being several storeys up and sat right next to a big window that gets the sun from lunch to evening, I can safely say its been far too hot to function at times.

Despite having the respite of some heavy showers last weekend, this looks to be a brief interlude in this elongated heatwave we are enduring, with temperatures set to rocket back up to 30 by next week.

It is never a pleasant experience to interview when it’s boiling, and the tubes are more crowded because of the summer holidays. So, I thought I’d provide some tips for candidates about how best to deal with this in the coming weeks.

  1. Give yourself more time than you usually would. Most people get to offices early anyway, but if its hotter allow more time because the underground can be worse during the heat due to various reason and if you are running late the hot weather will exacerbate you sweating. No one wants to turn up dripping with no time to cool off. Try give yourself another 30 mins and maybe head to coffee shop beforehand and grab one of those cooler drinks they do this time of year.
  2. Consider a change of clothes. Again, might be worth finding someone like a coffee shop for this. If your commute involves a line like the central line, which is almost a death sentence in a heatwave, get to the city in shorts and a shirt or a dress. Transporting your interview clothes can be tricky but if you get a suit bag you can also put that in a bag once you have changed.
  3. Try arranging times in the morning or evening when it is cooler. Early morning interviews probably work best as its before the sun has been beating down on everyone all day. Also has the added bonus of getting to speak to people before they get dehydrated and frustrated at how hot it is.

With some media expecting the summer to last all the way to October there is no chance of putting off your job search for another two months, so have a look at our job board for all the latest vacancies and stop putting off your job hunt!