Investment Banking – The Required Change of Leadership

With the news that Barclays are in the market for a new CEO and the recent flurry of changes at the helm of UBS, Credit Suisse, RBS and ING, as head hunters we ask ourselves are there a lack of candidates in the market for UK based leadership roles? I think the answer is yes.

Not helped by SMCR regulatory changes and total compensation packages (that are less in UK compared with US and Asia), we need to change our approach in the recruitment of CEO’s and look to more dynamic skill sets of ‘Captains’ who can steer and restructure Investment Banks in an ever changing financial and geopolitical landscape.

At Marlin, our leadership roles are in the Alternative Investment Advisory space as well as the Family Office and Private Equity space. Leaders in these boutique organisations need the ability to be able to oversee a constant change in clients, working practices, technology advancements as well as managing the demands of the FCA.

If you are a C-Level candidate looking for a change please do get in touch with us for a confidential conversation.