Liquidity Down …..Volatility Up ….Oil Down

$ 2 billion barrels per day oversupply, 25% of Chinese consumption down, $ 46 a barrel, its fascinating to watch.

Having spoken with candidates and clients alike, the volatility is fantastic, and if and a big if, liquidity may fall due to traders working outside the office without superfast connections, therefore reducing VAR.

We all await what Vladimir will do next. The most powerful man in Hydrocarbons.

The vacancy market within trading remains buoyant and strong, It is very much a candidate lead market and exciting opportunities exist. We have seen no decrease in new roles but an increase across oil and energy.

The biggest question by far for traders this week, some on trial runs some already setting up at home is where we will put 6 screens up, dining room table, kids bedroom etc. So far the dining room is winning, and the biggest obstacle with traders husbands wives and partners is where they will be allowed to put them up.

So to sum up, the world keeps turning traders keep trading, we keep searching, throw the salt and pepper over the screens.