Perspective on the pandemic

As the whole world comes to a halt due to coronavirus, we decided to ask a director, sales manager and trader within the financial service industry, in Europe their thoughts were on working from home.


When asked what positives they’ve found from working from home they said the following:


“One major positive from working from home is the level of communication with clients. Before when in an office, you would call a client and sometimes it would just ring and ring and ring. Now, you can call a client and they are there. They answer, you are able to build a stronger rapport with them as you now have more time to really communicate with them.” – Sales Manager of an asset management firm


“Now, I just wake up, grab a coffee and get started with work. There is no commute! I am able to get focussed and start work a lot quicker, plus there are no technological glitches. With all the advancements in technology, it is pretty easy and accessible to reach colleagues and clients.” –Trader at an investment bank


“Working from home hasn’t effected business as much as we had originally anticipated. With our employee’s we have found that they are working harder and longer hours in order to compensate for the lack of office time. Communication with clients and end customers has also been a lot smoother and easier.” –  Director of leading global investment bank



We then asked them if they’ve experienced any negatives from the current situation. Here are their responses:


“Working from home, you have a lot more distractions like kids, and as trivial as this may sound, things like coffee breaks, sometimes I will take longer than I intended to due to distractions that may occur.” – Sales Manager of an asset management firm.


“The lack of human interaction. Sometimes it is easier to just turn or walk to one of your colleagues to discuss something” – Trader at an investment bank



Finally, when asked what sort of changes they would expect to occur post virus, they all came to a conclusion that it is more likely for flexible working to occur, with more employers allowing employees to work 1-2 days a week from home.


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