Plans for the future

Marlin Selection have recently conducted some research into companies within the financial services sector to gain a better understanding of how they have been responding to the current situation over the last 3 months and where they see themselves this year.

From the conversations we have had with 46 companies, we have found that the majority have been working from home since the start of lockdown, with some going in occasionally and one company continuing to go into the office full time.


For businesses like banks and commodity trading houses, the transition from office to home has been surprisingly successful with most companies adapting well. We have found that the significant drop in businesses hiring at the start of lockdown was due to employers focusing on providing all the support needed for their current employees to ensure that they work to their maximum capacity. Now that working from home has become the new norm, there has been an increase in activity in recruitment over the last month.

Where do we see ourselves in the next 6 months? From most of our conversations, we have found that the future is still uncertain, with most companies waiting for official government advice. For now it seems that a fraction of businesses are keen to return in the next couple of weeks and some are aiming to come back end of summer, with the majority not expecting to be coming in until the beginning of next year.

Marlin Selection have adapted well to the current situation and have been working from home since the start of the lockdown, with plans to get back into our offices in September. In the last few weeks, we have also experienced an increase in roles and even more opportunities for remote work.

Even when things do go back to “normal”, it looks like more businesses will be focusing on creating a better work life balance for their employees, by providing more job flexibility. This could mean most employers will be happier for people to work from home a couple days a week or month, with more flexibility being provided to parents as well. During the lockdown, most people have experienced that they can be as efficient if not more efficient, working in the comfort of their own home and with systems put in place and home computers being set up, there wouldn’t be a reason not to make the most of these.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences on working from home and plans for returning to the City in the comment section below.