Reawakening The City of London

There was a very interesting article in the FT about reinventing the City of London.

The obvious problem is that at present we have a huge amount of office space and it has become abundantly clear that the number of people wanting to use that office space on a 5 day a week basis is very small. This not only means that offices will remain unused but it also means that those shops, pubs and restaurants that exist to provide food and entertainment to a reduced work force will also suffer.

Obviously things will have to change and hopefully change for the better. I believe that the most obvious answer is to make the square mile a weekend destination.  If anyone has wondered through the Financial District on a Saturday or Sunday, they will know that it is eerily quiet. If you can persuade people to come in to the area on the two days over the weekend you should be able to increase occupancy, footfall and hospitality takings to a Pre-Covid level.

We really need to stop and think about would encourage weekend visits to one of the worlds’ most historic and important areas.