Recruitment Blog- Is Recruitment a Sales role?

salesThe Recruitment Industry has many connotations attached to it. Cold calling, lack of attention sales people is often a term branded to those work in Recruitment. I hear this so often.

But is Recruitment really a sales role?

For some maybe, the often generous bonuses at the end of the Recruiting process certainly help pay the bills and is an attractive perk of the job. Of course this assists motivation and helps ‘sell’ the idea of the job and lifestyle it offers to the candidate.  However, from someone who works in the industry (albeit 7months) I believe there is more to Recruitment then just ‘sales’.

To me, it is about building long term relationships to aid the business for the bigger picture. It is about managing people from that initial call to final day when the contract has been signed and everyone is happy. It is about learning from every experience and treating every candidate and client alike uniquely because at the end of the day it is more than just business. It is about developing the diamond in the rough and having the joy of helping to fulfill goals for candidates in their desired jobs.

So, there you have the other side of the coin. Recruitment is so much more, for me anyway.

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