Starting from Home

Three weeks into the UK lockdown I’m sure many people are very grateful for the technological advancements over the last 15 years. Streaming platforms such as Netflix mean the choice on demand is unparalleled (looking forward to season two of Sunderland till I die) and having pretty much unlimited access to music via Spotify is helping me get through the working day.

Video messaging technology has also made the ability to work from home so much easier than ever. Whether you use Zoom, Google Duo or Microsoft teams, the ability to have some face to face interaction is crucial. At Marlin Selection we have been having twice daily video conference meetings to keep the spirts up and everyone on the right track. This has been critical to keeping the hiring process going over the last few weeks and we have had several successes of people been hired with no face to face contact so far! The next steps of getting them set up have included sending laptops with software installed and having regular video call updates.

Of course we have seen a decrease in activity in the financial services markets, however there are pockets of hiring ongoing and with Metals & Power firms thriving right now we expect to see things ticking over consistently for the next few months.

We have been taking a lot of calls from people out of work who are struggling in the market to find a role and we are happy to provide any advice we can on job hunting at present. Even if we don’t have any positions relevant to you, all our consultants are happy to provide advice, have a chat about the market and can give tips on video interviews.

One last thing, I have noticed I am missing working from working in an office is a proper chair! Pretty sure all the chairs in my house are either only comfy for 15 mins or you are meant to be horizontal.