The Art of Conversation : From a Candidate to an Employee

conversationOne thing that has become apparent to me over the last 8 years in this business is that those candidates who can engage and hold in depth conversations on a number of subjects always tend to go further than those who can’t (with the exception of the quant community!)

Being able to converse on a number of different levels from professional to personal in the work place helps give an employee gravitas, trust, reliability and dependability which are all pre requisites to becoming an indispensable asset to your employer.

At interview stage this art needs to be displayed carefully and with a lot of judgement from the candidate as “over conversation” can be a negative and seen as waffling.

In a recent interview I asked the candidate for some feedback and he said “I was just myself, I got on with the line manager and after the interview we spoke about sport, cooking and football.” This candidate was not the strongest on paper but the feedback from the client was “personable and a good fit for the role.”

This is not the case all of the time but in today’s competitive environment following BREXIT, every candidate will have to display more than just role competency and having the ability to converse clearly is crucial to displaying your soft skills and engagement techniques.

Listening is another crucial part of conversation, it has been said we only hear the first 5 seconds of any question in conversation before we start mentally preparing an answer. Next time you are introduced to someone new, make a conscious point to remember their name and repeat it back to them, it will show you are engaging with them on a personal level and you never know, it could lead you to your next role!

(the title of this blog was given to me by Biswajeet Pattnaik, a great guy)