The Lunch Time Workout

According to recent research, going for a quick lunch time workout can have a significant impact on productivity at work in comparison to sitting at your desk all day. Promoting exercise in the City is becoming increasingly more popular, with companies offering subsidised gym memberships, group classes or sometimes even a gym at their workplace.

It can seem challenging to try fit in a whole workout, showering, eating and coming back to your desk with only one hour to spare in the working day. However, there is a solution, research has proved that doing a quick high intensity workout can be more effective in comparison to a one-hour gym session, with many health benefits including boosting metabolism and promoting fat loss.

Even from experience of going for a quick 15-20min run by the river, has shown a big difference in energy levels, feeling more awake and ready to start the second half of the working day, reducing the need of coffee consumption. As the weather in London gets better, there is no excuse to not be out and about enjoying the weather, whilst also exercising.

In conclusion, not only does a lunch time workout have many health benefits, it has also shown positive results in increasing productivity in the workplace.