The Power of Positive mindset in team building

The last four years have seen the England ODI Cricket team turn from a ramshackle, timid, prehistoric rabble into a roaring Juggernaut capable of blowing teams away in one of the most spectacular turnarounds in sport history. Despite a few hiccups in the tournament itself, the performance of the team since the lows of the 2015 World Cup has been incredible and a testament to the foresight which rarely shown by English Cricket.

Following the embarrassment of that tournament and the looming spectre of being humiliated in their World Cup in four years’ time, an unprecedented level of focus and investment was placed on improving their fortunes next time around. The development of the side, however, is not just about spending more money. A huge change England made was a change in mindset, going from a slow tentative approach, to an ultra-attacking, freewheeling beast of a team intend on breaking all batting records before them. Shifting the attitude in a team from a negative one to a positive one can be difficult, making sure everyone is working towards the same goal is difficult when people have different motivations from what they want from a job. But managing to get that mindset can completely alter the way a team performs. Small things such as keeping the positivity up and making sure you understand your teams’ drivers is critical.

This might be easier for a sports team when you have a desire to be world champions, but every team needs targets whether collectively or individually to make sure you are getting the most from them all. With employee happiness being much more of a factor in employers thinking than it was 20 years ago, business are now doing more than ever to cater to staff whether that is table football or ping pong.

If England are to succeed this week (big if, if you have any prior knowledge of English cricket) it will be a triumph for good planning and the mentality shift toward being positive.