The roaring 20’s?

The time is nearly upon us when we can sit back and reflect upon what has been an incredibly hectic year. Politics has taken such a central stage that it is easy to forget that we are about to enter in to a new decade and hard to ignore that the last 20 years of the new millennium have literally flown by.

One hundred years ago the 1920’s were a time of extraordinary growth. Huge advances were made in aviation, human rights and entertainment. The stock market grew at an unprecedented and eventually alarming rate which eventually ended in the crash of 1929.

It is fair to say that right now it is hard to see the 2020’s as being as momentous as it’s much younger sibling. Here at Marlin Selection our thoughts are focused on finding out what skills, qualities and trends will be of significant value over the next decade. Will softer skills become more valuable than raw brain power or will data analysts become the new masters of the universe. Please do follow our updates as we try and un-code the next ten years and of course have a great Christmas!