Today is a good day to bury good news!

So January 16th 2019. The day after a resounding Commons defeat for Theresa May which has left the whole process up in the air with very little positives coming from either side. Now while this divisive juggernaut continues to angrily stampede all across our news agenda, a report on Renewable Energy was released with little fanfare or news coverage on the 16th as well. During my extensive morning research of the media (I googled Renewable energy UK) this good news story has been ignored like the coconut chocolates from those Thorntons Christmas selection boxes.

The report, by EnAppsSys, highlighted that in the UK, by 2020 if the current trend continues, Renewable Energy will replace Fossil Fuels as the primary electricity source. As power sources such as wind and solar continue to increase we are lowering our reliance on the more limited resources the world has to offer. For the 15th of January 2019 wind and biomass made up over 30% of the sources for the UK’s energy usage (UK Energy App).

Despite worrying noises from the US where climate change denial has become a thing, the world does seem to be waking up to the need to invest in developing more technology to make the planet more sustainable. We now have two widely available brands of electric car in the UK in Tesla and the new Jaguar I-Pace and Volkswagen has recently announced that they will be investing $800 million in a factory to build electric cars in America.

In all this investment there is opportunity in the markets, with many of client making more moves into renewable energy as it continues to grow at a healthy rate.

However, news like this is getting buried by the Brexit Behemoth. With news of stockpiling food and medicine exacerbates the sense of panic creeping in, I think it’s important to read past the headlines these days to the stories that are filled with more hope and optimism. But hey, I suppose when Brexigeddon hits the least of our worries will be power sources, as we fight over the remaining tins of canned veg and tomato soup.