Top Tips for Interview

The CV gets you through the door but it’s your personality that gets you the job..


“So tell me more about your hobbies?”, “Did he really ask you that?” I said to the candidate.

As hiring in sales and trading is getting more and more competitive, hiring managers are forever looking for candidates that are different from the norm.

In Front Office, every single hire is crucial with head counts few and far between so the hiring manager has to get it right. Not only does the CV have to fit but the candidate has to fit the culture.

The advice I give to every candidate we send for interview is “know your interviewer,” do your background reading on them. I give advice like “read up on the regulation changes in EMEA because “x” is passionate about this.

I would advise all candidates to have interests outside of the work place, like keeping fit, sport or following politics as, believe it or not, this could be the difference between getting a job or not.

A case I had a few years back prompted me to write the above. A candidate had gone through a 12 stage interview process with a client of ours and when push came to shove the hiring manager said “Tej, he’s just not right for us culturally” although on paper he was exactly what they needed. The candidate who got the job, didn’t fit the spec but I knew he and hiring manager would get on because of common interests and business acumen.

Trust me, if you are good at what you be it trading or sales you will  be noticed and guys like me will be calling you!

#workhard #worksmart