“Tough times never last, Tough people do”

Whilst I’ve always been an optimist in life, the current pandemic is making me question every value which I base both my professional and personal life around. Whilst hundreds of people die each day from COVID-19 in the UK, our NHS and front line key workers have become our new Armed Forces and are out there trying their best to keep us on the winning side of this battle.

All of us at Marlin salute you.

When this is over I believe there will be a new reality, a new way we go about our business and treat those close to us. I, for one, am lucky enough to have spent the last 4 weeks with my family whilst working from home and it has struck a cord with me. Pre-virus we were going about our daily lives, be it commuting into The City, leaving before sunrise and coming home after sunset, or spending days away from our families trying to earn enough money to keep the lights on. This has suddenly come to an abrupt STOP.

So we must try and use this time to reflect and make sure we come back stronger in business and both mentally and physically. There will be tough times ahead but one thing for sure is at Marlin we have a united spirit and a mentality of a never say die attitude. Whether via Google Duo, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Whats App we are here to support each other and our clients and candidates alike.

Stay safe, keep fit, and drop us a call to discuss your career and future.