Uber Works?

Over the last few years it seems that we are becoming dependent on an elite group of companies to provide for our every need. Firms such as Amazon have bought our trust through the ease and low cost of their services, preying on our need for instant gratification, (or at the latest, the next day) where they now seem to be extending out in all manner of services from take away delivery to fresh groceries.

The next trick seems to be to make moves into the labour market. Uber is reportedly building an on-demand staffing platform called “Uber Works”. Although this is a prospect that is clearly in its foundation stage, one would imagine Uber will try to scale up their model to allow companies to take on contractors at short notice when required.

Certainly an interesting proposal, would companies and employees revel in the flexibility provided by such a platform? However, I can’t help that think hiring is a bit more complex than ordering a taxi driver or a kebab, sure we all need to get our order right (garlic mayo no chili sauce for me) but even a contractor needs to fit within a team and have to build a rapport with the team they work in. Would contractors be invited to interview by the system and have to go through a selection process? However, surely that would defeat the whole object of quick-fire hiring which is to avoid that aspect of recruiting.

All ifs and buts at the moment, but as the tech world continually encroaches on every aspect of civilization, the recruitment world is surely due a shakeup whether that is something that works alongside traditional recruitment practices or an algorithm that automatically places candidates with their exact job match instantly and perfectly. However, this does put me out of a job… hmm… wonder what the algorithm will find for me now.