Upside down and inside out

Conflicting messages. US Fed announcement- Employment figures, increased demand from China from softs to crude lowering demand in the US, UK government allowing easy supply- EU tightening controls.

Aviation, oil, oil products, soybeans, meat, sugar etc all increasing in the Far East while North America and South America contracts.

Uncertainty = Volatility. The head of a Tier 1 bank stating that “We are walking a geo-political tightrope”

Who is profiting?  Trading houses making record profits and small oil companies in the Far East who are buying assets like there is no tomorrow?

How does this effect a recruitment company such as ours? More roles than we have ever had right across the commodity spectrum. Candidates questioning whether they need to move and good traders realising they are doing awfully well.

For those companies with planned consistent growth this causes a problem.

Here at Marlin Selection we have long term relationships with the finest trading houses globally covering beneath the ground to aviation.

We will give an honest appraisal of the companies we work with, whether they are a cultural fit for you as a candidate and we always look beyond the base line.

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