What a tweeter!!!

Following a recent interview with a financial trader working with a global oil company, he informed me that Trump’s tweets were flashed on a wall and each one flashed on to the screens.

This I found incredibly interesting as President Trump is the first major leader to tweet and tweet in volume. Donald has tweeted over 7700 times in 2019 and if the curve continues in 2020 he should tweet over 15,000 times in the year. He is the most viewed world leader ever and currently has over 50m followers.

The tweet effect on the markets is colossal affecting all commodities business’s and if your mentioned your company’s value.

So what about the effect of the tweets; all tweets have shown to have an abnormal correlation on the value of the stock or commodity. A positive tweet regarding a market or business will lift values higher than a fall from a negative tweet.

The time frame for change will last no more than 4 days.

Positive tweets have a longer lasting effect, while negative tweets are closer to 3 days before normality returns.

The general scope on all the Presidents tweets is to short early and exit within 2 days.

The biggest shock is we really do believe every word President Trump says!! But for how long will we still listen?


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