Winter is Coming

Next Sunday we see the clocks go back, so darkness will be creeping in outside before the working day is finished. Local lockdowns mean we have less to do in the evenings and will be unable to see family and friends depending on where you live. It’s going to be a tough winter for a number of reasons and will be a more difficult one than we have faced in a very long time.

Fortunately, we have seen a number of promising signs for the financial services job market over the last few months which we believe will continue in the run up to Christmas. We anticipate that the new restrictions will have a minimal affect to hiring plans because most businesses have been happy to work from home over the last 6 months.

There is an element of some companies holding fire right now with a large number of people struggling in the current economy but there have been clear signs of growth from investment banks and trading houses over the last few months. We are seeing plenty of movement in the Regulatory space and development sectors. As with most years the energy sector is always busy around winter with more people staying indoors, but with the extra restrictions people will be more encouraged than ever to stay inside. Just have to hope the Christmas telly this year is decent.